Genesis at the Garden

by ming on September 23, 2007

I’m lucky to have been born at a time when music was much more than a download, ring-tone or background for a car commercial. As a teen, I would spend hours listening to my favorite albums, from start to finish, poring over the album jacket, art work and liner notes for any hint that would give me insight into an artist’s world. So to get a chance to see once of the greatest Prog Rock bands of all time live, for what could be their last ever tour, was monumental.


First, I must thank Tom Rutherford (who just happens to be the guitar/bass player of Genesis, Mike Rutherford’s son) for the most amazing tickets. I brought my buddy Mario, another record producer, and we were seated smack in the center, about 8 rows back. It was like our own private concert. Now the band was great indeed, but Phil Collins was a god. His voice was perfect and he commanded the stage and the audience with incredible skill. They performed all their greatest songs, which left me in awe as to just how many amazing songs Genesis has created. They went way back, digging into the early years, pulling out material that I had never heard, as well as all of the songs that I remember listening to in the back of my mom’s car (radio, remember that?). The staging was cool and the crowd was fun; the whole scene reminded me of how many phenomenal shows I have witnessed at the great Madison Square Garden in my youth. Phil and drumming great Chester Thomson even did a tandem drum solo. Who gets to do that anymore?
Before the Pay-Per-Views, HBO, and the televised event, there was the live show. That live show provided the closest connection to your favorite artist and the anticipation of being in the same venue as the artist themselves was incomparable. The energy at the show was electric and it made memories of seeing my favorite bands even greater. This show was no different. It brought me back to the time when seeing an artist live was paramount; no amount of video or celebrity could ever surpass the feeling of being there in the moment. Great music is even better live!!! And what is better than a song that defines a generation? The concerts that hammer those songs into history.

So my thanks to men of Genesis for reminding me of why great music is transcendent. I aspire to leave a musical legacy as outstanding as yours.

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