Vacation’s cool but…

by ming on October 20, 2007

The past couple of weeks have been a long game of catch up – no wonder Americans take such few vacations. After a month of vacation in Spain and writing in London, I find myself digging through piles of songs to produce and artists to develop. A few updates from the studios of Hood Famous Music…

Michael Lynche and I have been finishing up the last couple of songs that will lead us to shopping him a deal. If you haven’t been introduced to the musical stylings of “The King”, I’ll be posting some of his tracks on the new audio section of this blog… coming soon. I’ll be multi-tasking as Music Director and DJ for Michael, stepping out on the decks for the live show. Keep an eye out, you won’t want to miss that show.

Speaking of new projects, Benny Lowe of 33hz and I are up to something really special, so keep checking back…I’ll be posting some new tunes from our collaboration…..yes, you can dance to it and no, we’re not telling you the name yet!!

I reunited with Toby Lightman, an old friend and gifted singer that makes some outstanding music. She is signed to Lava/Atlantic and in the process of writing new songs for her third album.

Susan Cagle.jpgSusan Cagle and I have been working on a new song for her first studio album. She was in the studio last week cutting a demo vocal and when I get a second, I’ll be finishing the demo production next week. Susan is super funny but don’t let her carefree attitude fool you, she’s an incredibly hard-working and skilled vocalist, and writes some edgy songs. She’s doing a residency at the Rockwood Music Hall. Check her out Wednesday, October 31st if you’re in NYC. Funny enough, we live on adjacent blocks and have never run into each other in the hood. In Manhattan, you’ll run into someone you met once in Japan but may never see your neighbor.

I’ve also started working with Polina. She’s a tall Russian temptress whose mother is a famous Russian pop artist. Guess it runs in the family. We’re developing her sound and have already written a really compelling song. I’m excited about our first success and am looking forward to producing and recording it with her this week.

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