Our Story

What is Habitat Music?
We’re the next frontier of music production. Based in New York City, Habitat Music is a collective studio space housing experienced record producers, composers, tech-geeks, taste-makers, brand punks and hooligans, all dedicated to the art of making great music. We’re busy hatching fresh music for everything from that clever spot you watched on television last night to writing a hit song with the next pop super star.

Our goal is to create great music for great brands – plain and simple.

Why would I want to work with Habitat?

We live and breathe music. Our team has in-depth understanding of how music and popular culture interact, but it’s the accompanying business experience that sets us apart from more traditional music production houses.

We know how important it is for the consumer to relate your brand. This knowledge, combined with our team’s musical talent and artistry, helps connect your brand with its core audience. And connection is what its all about, of course.

Okay…but what do you actually do?
Habitat creates sonic solutions for all kinds of projects. We score music for film, television and commercials. We also handle voice-overs, vocal talent casting, editing, mixing, remixing, sound design, music licensing, audio branding, mash-ups and ring-tones.  Have something else in mind?  The Habitat team likes a good challenge.

Yeah, but can you get Lady Gaga for our project?
Try us. We know people – and whomever we don’t, we can reach through Kevin Bacon.